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Chapter 23

Who    Are    You?

"Uh-Oh" Zac said, his eyes worried. "What should we do?"

Isaac looked at the girls then back at his brothers. "Okay. We'll all calm them down, and we'll take turns going up the stairs to check on the kids. And that means being ready to get a trashcan ready, whatever. You got that?"

Taylor and Zac nodded. "Yeah Ike. We got it."

Dawn ignored them and stumbled for the door, trying to open it. "Dammn! Now I can'ta get to 7-11! " She slammed her fist on the door.

Taylor then ran over and gently tried pulling her away. "Hey, c'mon now, lets go watch TV," he said.

Dawn stared at him. "Ok, Taylesss."

Taylor nodded. He turned his head and noticed Ashley's normally pale face turning a sickly green. "Hey Zac! Get a bucket for Ashley! She's about to be sick! Hey, wait. Whats your name?" he turned to the girl he was dragging.

"Dawn Ashley Smith," she said, her voice slurred. "And my sisa is Ashley Lauren Smith. Peeps gets us mixeded up a lot."

Taylor looked bilwildered. "Yeah, okay. So I go out with your sisa- I mean, sister?"

Dawn nodded. "Uhhhh I think. Ok. I don't rememberrr."

Taylor nodded and put her down on the couch. "Ike! Where are you??"he called.

Ike appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "SHHHH! I checked on the kids. They're fine. Wheres Zac and Ashley?"

Taylor guestured with his head toward the bathroom. "In there. Ashley got sick. Oh yeah, this is Dawn Ashley and that's Ashley Lauren. Don't ask now."

Ike nodded as Ashley and a struggling Zac walked out the bathroom. Zac sat her on the couch next to her sister and she instantly fell asleep.

Taylor looked at them. "Man," he said, siting down and puting his head in his hands, "I can't believe they did this. I wonder what they drank?"

Zac came back from the kitchen with 3 open bottles. "Ewww! They must have drank this!" He held them open to Ike, who took them and examined them.

"Vodka, Whiskey, and Wine Coolers? Wow. Was this the only thing you found, Zac?"

"No," Zac said, shaking his head, "There was an open carton of milk. I guess they mixed them."

Taylor groaned and put the legs up on his recliner. His eyes fell on a piece of paper beside the chair on the table. He peered over an began to read,

"Hey girls! I should be home around 2, as I already told you. My husband Rick is out of town, so don't worry about him coming home. Theres plenty of snacks in the cabinets. The phone number I'll be at is 657-2641. Ta ta! Love ya, Teresa"

Taylor looked up. "Woah. 2o'clock? They are so lucky they have a chance to get away with it. What should we do?"

Ike replied, "Well, Its 9:30. She won't be home for hours. They have a chance of getting themselves back to normal quick. I'll go clean up the kitchen, while you two clean up in here. Check on the kids in 15 minutes. We can watch a movie till they," guestering toward Ashley and Dawn," wake up."

About an hour and a half later, while the Hansons watched Austin Powers, Ashley stirred.

"Hello?" she said sleepily. She glanced around and gasped. "TAY! You guys, what are you doing here!?"

"SHHH!" Ike whispered. "In case you didnt know, you and your sister got drunk. We came while you guys were running around like maniacs. And-"

"WAIT a second. Me and Dawn were DRUNK?? On what?" She elbowed he sister next to her and woke her up with a startle.

"Huh??" Dawn gasped as she shot sraight up. She rubbed her eyes. "Ash, why did you do that?" SHe looked around. "Ohmygod. Why are you here?" she demanded of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac.

"They just told me we were drunk, sis," Ashley told her. Dawns eyes grew huge. "On the stuff we drank? Wow. I had no idea!"

Ashley looked puzzled, then a look or realization came over her. "OH! On the vodka and stuff? Oh lord." She sat back a threw a blanket over her head.

Zac reached over and patted Dawns leg reassuingly. "Cool it man! We already cleaned everything up, from the ALCOHOL to the toys, and checked on the kids. Don't you think we deserve some pay??"

Taylor threw a pillow at Zac. "Zac! Don't start." He reached over and pulled the blanket off Ashley, looking deep into her still bloodshot eyes. "We came because I wanted to see you. And we found you not like I expected. I missed you."

Ashley's face and eyes grew softer and Zac shuddered. "Can it with the mushy stuff!" he cried, throwing his hands up in the air.

They all laughed. "Yeah, okay, Zac. What about Elizabeth?" Ike asked.

Zac rolled his eyes. "I don't like her anymore. She wasn't my type!"

Taylor laughed. "Oh yeah. Whats up with the twin thing? How come you didn't tell me?" he asked Dawn and Ashley.

Ashley just shrugged. "Oh, I don't know. I didn't want to make it even more complicated then it was. Like you could get us mixed up or something."

"Yeah," Dawn said staring off into space. LORD. I'm gonna get caught soon, I just know it, she thought.

"So, you want to watch another movie?" Zac asked. "I want to see Jerry McGuire again!!"

Ike looked at the clock. "We have time. We have to be out of here by a little after 12, you know."

"Yeah, I didn't forget, Ike. Lets just watch it!" Zac said, throwing a magazine at him.

They laughed and then settled down to watch the movie, Taylor's arm around Ashley's shoulders.