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"Thinking Of (Both Of) You"
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They were five years old at the time. Dawn was with their mother in the car, and Ashley had been with their father at the park only four miles away. Mrs. Smith had turned right onto a street,they were heading to the store, when a drunk driver side swiped them. Dawn's head had hit the dash board, hard. And at the exact same time, Ashley started getting a stabbing pain in her chest. "Daddy!" she had called when the pain started. And there was something weird going on in her head. The song "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder was repeatedly looping around in her head like a farris will. Then an image of a car crashing into another one flooded her mind. Ashley made her dad follow her. She knew where to go, but didn't know where she was going. When they reached the crash site, the pain in Ashley's chest incressed. Mr. Smith had run to the car and pulled both his wife and his daughter out. Luckilly, they were both still conscience. Ashley had told Dawn about what had happened and how she found them. It was proven again when Ashley feel off the junglegym at school and twisted her ankle. Dawn's wrist started throbbing at the same time. Ever since they realized they had this "power" they grew closer. They called it "The Twin Connection." They had tried to explain it to their parents, but they didn't believe them. So they had decided to keep it to themselfs. It would usually skip a year or two, then start again, but neither had got seriously hurt until when they hit their teen years. But it was starting again. ********************************************************************************** Dawn ran into the room where her mom and dad were already settled around. Mrs. Smith held a finger to her lips as if to silence her daughter. Dawn looked over at her sister, who appeared to still be uncouious. As she suspected, Ashley's arm was wrapped ina a cast and he head was wrapped in bandages, once white, were now red from blood. Dawn felt her stomach lurch. Her face paled. She felt sick. Mrs. Smith walked over to her daughter and hugged her tightly. "H...has she woken up yet?" Dawn managed to chock out. Mrs. Smith shook her head saddly. "No. She hasn't even moved." She quickly whiped a tear that was about to slide down her face before her daughter noticed. But her husband noticed, howvere, and walked towards his wife. "Come one, Cara, let's go get something to eat." he started to guid her to the door, but she pulled back. "Luke, I don't thik I can eat anything." "Just come on. At least get something to drink." Cara started to protest, but sighed, realizing that it was useless to argue with her husband. She turned to Dawn. "Honey, do you want anything? Wanna come with us?" Dawn shook her head slowly. "No I'm going to stay here incase she wakes up." Cara nodded her head, then followed her husband out the door. Dawn turned back to her sister. Her breathing was normal, but sounded as if she was in pain. And Dawn knew she would be in even more once she woke up. She smiled weakly. The last time they had been in a hospital they were around eight years old, and were getting their tonsils taken out. Ashley had been so scared. She hated doctors, so she wasn't exaclt thrill about staying over night in a hospital. Dawn, however, took advantage of it and ran around the place. They had shared a room, and late at night after everyone was gone, and asleep, Ashley would jump out of bed and climb in with her sister. Dawn smiled at the memory. Although Ashley was several minutes older than her, she had always been the timid one, the one to always hide behind their mothers skirt. They only time she really came alive was when she was cheering. A noise from the bed shook Dawn from her thoughts. "Ash?" she got up from the chair she had sat in and stood next to the bed. "Dawn?" Ashley's voice came out in a horse whispear. She tried to sit up, then regretted it. She winced in pain. "No. Lay back down. You'll hurt yourself more." Dispite her pain, Ashley forced a stiff laguh. "Thank you, sis, but I've already acknowledged that." she clentched her teeth together. "Oh God. Why couldn't I just have died? The pain is swful!" "Watch it. I'll be right back. I'm going to get mom and dad and tell them you're awake."