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Taylor sighed as he dropped into his seat. He gazed out the window and weakly waved to the hundreds of screaming fans that were to see them back home from their "tour" of Europe. When he waved the fans screamed even louder and jumped up and down. Taylor laughed when he saw Zac who sitting in front of him against the window making faces at the adoring fans. What a ham, thought Taylor, getting out his discman. No wonder the girls go crazy, he thought.

"Hey Tay, whats up?" Ike asked, plopping down in his seat next to Taylor.

Taylor looked over at his brother. "Nothing much. I mean, besides all those FANS out there screaming thanks to Zac," Taylor said, kicking the back of Zacs seat.

"Hey!" Zac sqawked as he turned around to face his brothers. "That hurt, man!"

Jessica, who was sitting next to him, giggled.

Zac turned around and plopped back into his seat and began playing Game Boy with Jessica.

"For real though, I'm SO glad we are going home. I feel like I havn't seen Dawn/ Ashley forever. I wanted to get with her tomorrow but shes babysitting with her sister." Taylor closed his eyes and reclined his seat. He opened them and looked puzzily at Ike. "Has she ever mentioned a 'sister' to you?"

Ike shook his head. "No, little bro. YOU'RE the one who talks to her 24/7, not me."

Taylor nodded and closed his eyes again. "Okay. I was just wondering. You would have thought she would have mentioned her by now. Maybe she could get with Zac." Taylor kidded.

"I heard that!!" Zac yelled from in front of them.

Taylor laughed. "Yeah, okay, whatever. I might go over to where shes babysitting tomorrow. I miss her," he said ruefully.

Ike reached over and rumpled Taylors hair. "Awwwww. Well, maybe you can surprise her. Do you know where shes babysitting?" Isaac asked.

Taylor nodded. "Yup. She told me when I was talking to her earlier. Maybe I should."

Isaac settled in with a magazine and grinned. "Yeah, you go, bro." he said.

"Ashley!!! We are going to be late! And you complain about me!" Dawn yelled up the stairs of the following day. Her and Ashley were about leave for a babysitting job a half hour away, and they were running a few miutes late.

"I'M COMING!" Ashley yelled back as she bounded down the stairs with her backpack. They were going to stay over night since it took awhile to get home and they usually got home late.

They got in the car with their mom and started driving to the "babysitees" house.

"You girls behave, remember, and NO friends or phone calls. Remember you are responsible for a 1, 2 and 4 year old. And-"

"MOM!!!" Dawn yelled, covering her ears. "We know!!" Her and Ashley broke into a fit of laughter.

Mrs. Smith finally joined in. "I'm sorry, haha. You guys have been going with your boyfriends lately and it made me realize that in a few years you'll be out the door." She smiled wistfully. "And another thing, Dawn, I never met this 'Jordan'. Who is he?"

The color drained from Dawns face. "Um, I went with him a few weeks ago. We broke up like 2 weeks after that." Dawn lied.

"Oh, I see dear," Mrs. Smith said, giving her daughter a sympathatic glance. "You'll find another guy. We all do."

Ashley grinned at Dawn. "You know, that Zac offer still stands," she said.

Dawn leaned over and bonked her on the head. "Girl! Hes 12! Maybe when he turns 13!" Dawn said, laughing.

They pulled into the driveway a few minutes later.

"Well, girls, here we are. Remember what I said. NO guys, NO phone, NO trouble."

"Okay, okay Mom!" Dawn and Ashley laughed as they kissed their mother good-bye and went into the house.