"ARGGHH! This sucks! I'm outta cheerleading for 2 months!" Ashley complained a few days later, sitting deep into the couch. The girls had just got out of school and were already bored out of their minds.

Dawn, who was sitting opposite Ashley, rolled her eyes. "Don't you ever be quiet? At least you have mom waiting on you hand and foot because she's so worried about you! Its hot, I'm bored, and Mom didn't let me go with Kristine to the shore this weekend because you complained you were gonna be left alone!"

"Well, don't try going off with Taylor again! Or this time I might not be so forgiving!"

Dawns mouth dropped open. "What's this? You can't trust me now?"

"GIRLS!" shouted Mrs. Smith, who had stood in the doorway watching the scene. "Go to the park or to the mall or something! And Ashley, the doctor said that arm would heal pretty quickly since you already broke it its not as vulnerable. Oh, I have stuff to do...not unless YOU two want to do it for me?"

The girls stood up quickly. "Um, no, that's okay. We're going to go to the park and then maybe the ice cream store or something," Ashley said, wide-eyed. The thought of doing chores on a hot summers day made her sick.

"Yeah, Mom. We have money. Bye!" Dawn yelled as they walked out the door. She shook her head when they reached the sidewalk. "Sheesh. She's PMS-ing or something. I've never seen her that bad."

"Well, what's this? HEY HEY! Woo-hoo! Girl, you got nice legs!" yelled a voice behind them. They heard laughter.

"Just ignore them," Dawn muttered. "Stupid horny guys, that's all."

"Me? Stupid? Do you really think that?" said a familiar voice at Dawn's elbow. She felt someone grab her arm, then spun around to find her face to face with Isaac, Zac, and Taylor. "I'm hurt!" said Zac, sticking up his lower lip.

Ashley put her hand on her hip. "Gee, thanks! We thought you were those stupid assholes who'd do anything to get a date," she said, then smirked. "Never mind. I guess you ARE those guys." She ducked when Isaac lunged for her and laughed.

"So where are you guys going?" Taylor asked. He swung a beach towel over his shoulder.

"We're bored, so we're gonna go to the park or something. And I can't exactly go swimming," Ashley said, making a face.

"Aww, poor baby," Taylor said, leaning forward and taking Ashley into a tight hug. "We're meeting Michelle at the pool. I'd ask you two come but because of your arm...." He glance at it sympathetically. "I know what it feels like."

Zac nodded. "Yeah stupid. Anyways," he said, linking his arm through Dawn's. "Want to walk me to the pool?"

Dawn made a face. "You're on skates! No fair."

Zac grinned. "Well, want to come? I'm sure Taylor will stay with your sister while you come have fun with me," he said, giving Taylor a meaningful glance. "Come on. Go get your bathing suit, please?"

Dawn glanced at Taylor, who shrugged. "I'd rather stay with her then go to the pool..." he said.

Isaac sighed impatiently. "Come ON! I'll leave you guys if you don't hurry up! Michelle's probably waiting," he said, throwing and anxious glance toward the direction of the pool.

Ashley laughed. "Okay, okay! Taylor will come with me, Zac and Dawn will go get her stuff, and Ike, I'm sure you don't want your brother watching you make out with your girlfriend so you go ahead! Dang!"

They laughed. "Okay," Taylor said, and the went off in separate directions.

"So, how are you doing? With Dawn I mean?" Taylor asked as him and Ashley walked through the park.

Ashley shrugged. "Well, things are a little tight, but basically everything's the same," she said, then stopped to sit at a bench in the near part of the woods by the lake. "Its hot as hell out!"

Taylor nodded, then pulled his hair back. "Yeah. And being here with you makes me hotter,'' he said slyly before stealing a kiss from her.

"Well, you're already hot enough, hon," Ashley replied as Taylor wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her.

"Whoa, Tay..Is the heat getting to you or something..." Ashley gasped before Taylor silenced her by pushing his tongue against hers and soon rolling her so she was lying on her back on the bench, in the deeply shaded part of the woods.

"Da da da...Dawn? Did you get swallowed up by the trash can or something?" Zac asked, standing out her bedroom door. He heard her giggle.

She opened the door and peeked out. "Nope. I can't figure out which one to wear," she said with a grin.

Zac uncrossed his arms and stood in the doorway. "Can I help? Please?"

"Horny boy," Dawn said with a laugh. "Yup." She let him in and showed him her bathing suits, which were spawled out all over her bed. "These are Ash's, too. That's why I cant decide."

"Hmmm....." Zac said, glancing over them. His eyes lit up as he came across a black bikini. "Whoa. My mom probably didn't even have one of these. Wear this one..I mean, black looks so good on you and everything."

Dawn laughed. "I figured you would say that. Hmm....maybe..." she said, tapping her foot and pretending to think.

Zac gave her a pleading look. "Please? I wore my blue and black trunks so we'll match..."

Dawn giggled before throwing her arms around Zac and kissing him. "You ARE a trip. You know that?"

Zac grinned slyly and grabbed for her T-shirt. "I would think that. Do you need help getting dressed or something? You're taking too long!"

Dawn playfully swatted him before going into her bathroom to get changed. She was halfway changed and didn't notice someone with blonde hair had opened the door and sneaked in behind her till she felt a tap on her shoulder...

"Ike!" Michelle called, waving Isaac over to their "spot" at the pool, which was under a big acorn tree in the corner of the pool area. They had made a secluded hiding place from everyone at the pool for privacy. Isaac had just arrived and eagerly walked over to her.

"Hey babes," he said with a grin before giving her a lingering kiss. "How is your fine self? Sorry I'm late. Me and the brats ran into their little girlfriends and decided to run off with them."

Michelle laughed. "Its okay, as long as you're here. Oh yeah...My mom thinks she figured out why we came in so late from that party...remember that?"

Isaac nodded. "Yup..uh oh..what did she think?"

Michelle looked at his grim expression and laughed. "She thought we were watching a movie with your parents! I told her I was over your house and you dropped me off after the party."

Isaac grinned. "Oh! Damn girl, you had me umm.." Then trailed off when he noticed her bikini strap untied. "Uh, Micki? Your strap..."

Michelle looked down and smiled. "It's okay...I mean, we're behind this big tree so no one can see anything." She shrugged. "I mean..besides you...and you've already seen what you wanted to see.." She gave him a sly look.

Isaac grinned. "Do you mind if I see what 'I wanted to see' again since no one can see us?" He asked, moving closer to her. His eyes went huge as she revealed exactly what Isaac wanted to see....

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