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Friends 4-Ever
Chapter 29
Jumping To Conclusions

Promise    Me

"Uh huh.....yeah...what? He said that? Ok, I'll ask her. Call you back in a few.........Ok, Love you too. Bye," Ashley said, hanging up the phone. "HEY SIS!!"

Dawn appeared a few seconds later. "Yeah Ash?"

Ashley gave her a look. "Sit down." Dawn gave her a weird look and obeyed. "Ok, I was talking to Taylor on the phone, and he wants to go to the movie with me at 9:30, and Zac asked if you wanted to go with him, um, be his date." She gave her a pleading look. "Please?"

Dawn thought for a moment. I guess I owe it to him...maybe I led him on. Oh well. It won't hurt. "Yeah, ok, I'll go. Why not? It could be fun. As long as its not Titantic again!"

Ashley laughed. "Ok, I'm gonna call Tay, and I'll get back to you."

Dawn nodded as Ashley went off to the phone. She came back a few minutes later. "Ok, Its 8:30 now.....the movie, The Wedding Singer, starts at 9:30, they're gonna pick us up at 9. Ok?"

Dawn replied, "Ok, thats cool. That gives me plenty of time to get ready." She wiggled her eyebrows.

Ashley laughed. "Yeah, ok, silly goof. See you in a half hour. But don't hog the bathroom!!"

The doorbell rang exactly at 9:00. Ashley got up and ran towards the door. "DAWN! C'mon!" She swung open the door to see an expectant Taylor and Zac waiting. "Hey" she said, grinning.

Dawn bounded down the stairs. "ASH! And you told me not to hog the bathroom!! Look at you! Hmmph! " she panted, whacking her sister in the arm. They all laughed. "OK, ya ready," she asked, her eyes moving from Taylor to Zac. Whoa. She thought.They both look hot. Taylor smiled at her then reached out for Ashley.

Zac reached out and grabbed Dawns hand as they made their way toward the car ahead of Taylor and Ashley, who followed at a slower pace. Zac looked her up and down. "Boy, you look good," he commented, winking at her.

Dawn blushed slighty. "Thanks. You look pretty cute yourself," she replied, throwing a glance over her shoulder at Taylor and Ashley, who were close behind.

Zac smiled and leaned over to give Dawn a kiss on the cheek. "Ok, lets go!" Zac exclaimed, ushering Taylor and Ashely in the back. "Ikes gonna drive us, Michelle and him are going out so he was more then happy to drive us," Zac said, getting in after Dawn and shutting the door.

They laughed. Ike turned around and blinked his eyes. "Whoa! You two don't get these girls mixed up!!" he exclaimed.

Michelle playfully punched him in the arm and looked back embaressedly at the girls. "Ignore him. Hes a bit hyper. We just got back from rollerblading," she said, rolling her eyes.

Dawn laughed. "Yeah, sure, ROLLERBLADING, Ike...." Zac said, wiggling his eyebrows. Dawn giggled and looked over at Zac, who was looking at her. "Are you sure you guys won't get recognized?" Dawn whispered.

Zac leaned over. "Yeah, we've gone to the movies thousands of times. Don't worry. And if people ask who I am, I can just say 'A BOY! No lady, I'm a girl!' " Zac said, smiling. He really liked Dawn, more by the minute. Usually girls just rolled their eyes at his jokes, but she just went along with them. He looked down and noticed her hand next to his, and picked it up and placed it in his. She seemed to jump a little, but didnt pull her hand away.

They got to the theather and bought their tickets, then went to their seats. "Oh, shit. We forgot popcorn. I'm gonna go back up and get some," Taylor said, "Ok? Four rootbeers, 2 large popcorns?" he asked. "Sure," they replied. "Ok," Tay said, standing up and went up to the lines.

Dawn thought for a moment and said, "I'm going to go help him." She went after Taylor.

I'm lucky me and Ashley are wearing almost the same thing, Dawn thought, smoothing her hair before joining Taylor in line. She didn't exactly know what she was going to do, but she knew what she wanted. Arrrgghh! But I can't do this to Zac! Pushing that thought out of her mind, she joined Taylor and line. "Hi," she said, giving Taylor a shy smile.

Taylor looked over, surprised. "Hey. Going to help me carry this stuff back?" he asked, mentioning toward the front of the line.

He's not buying it, Dawn thought. She decided to try again. "Yeah, I guess. Its the opening credits anyway," she shrugged. She looked over to notice Taylor studying her. "What?" asked catiously. "Do I have food on my mouth?" She lifted her hand to her mouth to check for food but Taylor caught her hand and held it.

"No, not at all.I'm just admiring how pretty you look tonight," he whispered.

Does he know? Dawn thought. "Thanks." She wanted to kiss him badly but she decided that was the most improper place to do so next to kissing him in front of Ashley...and Zac.Arrghh.

Taylor paid for the food and handed some to Dawn to take back to thier seats. Halfway back to their theather Taylor stopped her and kissed her. "Sorry," he said coyally, "I couldn't help it."

Dawns heart was pounding. What if we get caught? She couldn't stop herself, leaned over, pushed Taylor against the wall and agressively began kissing him.STOP!! her mind screamed, but she couldn't. Please... Taylor got over his shock and wrapped his arms around her and responded deeply. She pulled away when the door to The Wedding Singer swung open and there stood Zac.

"Um, hey Zac, " Dawn said, picking up the spilled popcorn that Taylor knocked over. "We knocked over the popcorn."

Zac nodded and leaned over to help them. The door swung open and Ashley walked out, looking worried. "Are you guys ok?" she asked.

Taylor nodded. "Yup. We just spilled some popcorn. No biggie," he said, scooping up the popcorn and tossing back in the bucket.

I have to think fast before anyone notices, Dawn thought. She reached out and grabbed her sisters hand and started dragging her toward the bathroom. "Hey!" Ashley sqwuaked. "I have to go to the bathroom. Come with me," Dawn said.

Ashley shrugged. "Ok," she said, followiung her sister into the womens bathroom. They went over to the sink and began washing their hands of the butter that was all over their hands.

"Did the movie start yet?" Dawn asked, smoothing her hair.

Ashley shook her head. "Nope. What took you guys so long?" she asked.

Dawn stared at her reflection. "Oh, the line was long and Taylor tripped and spilled the popcorn all over," she replied. When we were making out...

Ashley nodded. "Oh, ok. Taylor is so clumsy sometimes! When we were at the park he tripped over a stick!" They laughed and left the room and went back to the theather, where the boys were waiting.

"Well, did you have a good time?" Taylor asked, as they all walked to the bustop.

Ashley nodded. "Yeah, Taylor, thanks so much. I had fun being with you," she whispered.

Taylor looked around and pulled Ashley behind a tree next to the theather. "Dawn! ZAC! We'll be there in a sec!" Taylor yelled to them. They nodded and went over to the nearest bench and sat down.

Taylor reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. "Ashley, I want you to have this ring," he whispered, slipping the ring on her finger, "and promise I'm the only one you'll care for, as long as we're together. I love you a lot, and I want nothing to come between us." He took the other ring out of the box andgave it to Ashley. "I want you to do the same for me." he said softly.

Ashleys eyes filled with tears as she cleared her throat. "Taylor, accept this ring from me and promise that we'll never be seperated as long as we're together, nobody to get in our way, I'll be the only one you love." She looked in Taylors eyes. "I love you." she whispered.

"What is taking them so long?" Dawn asked, growing impatient. They have been sititng on the bench for at least 5 minutes, staring at the stars. "I'm getting cold."

Zac edged closer to her and put his arm around her. "Don't worry. I'm here. Tay told me what he was doing. Hes giving her a ring. Besides," he said, giving Dawn a sideways glance," they're probably making out."

Dawn looked over at Zac, who was huddled against her side, staring up at the stars. A PROMISE ring?! Oh lord. She glanced toward the tree where Taylor and Ashley were, but couldnt see anything. She looked back over at Zac, who seemed hypnotized, shrugged, and gingerly laid her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. She felt him look look down on her in surprise, and his arms wrap around her and his head lay carefully on hers. Mmmmmm......

The four teens made their way to the Smith's house. After they had said their goodbyes, Ashley went to open the door and groaned. "Damn door!" she said, throwing her weight up against it. "I forgot my key! Dawn, did you remember yours?"

Dawn checked her pockets, then shook her head. "Nope. Isn't mom and dad home?"

Ashley sighed and looked in the window. "The lights are out....they might be in bed..."

Taylor looked around and a piece of paper caught his attention. He picked it up and skimmed it. "Um, guys.... Listen to this...'Hey girls, sorry but your father and I had to run out to the hospital...your grandmother had a severe stroke, your father is horrified, we should be home around 9 am....Your father and I have to check some things out...Stay at the Hansons or Buertitcis next me when you get to where you are staying....We love you both, I'm so sorry we had to do this to you...Wish grandma well....Love, Mom and Dad'. He lowered the paper and looked at Dawn and Ashley, who's tears were starting to form in their eyes.

Dawn stomped away and sat down on the step, Zac following close behind her. She began to cry. "Why did this have to happen?" she cried, tears flowing down her cheeks. Zac sat down next to her and wrapped his arms around her, she turned and started crying into his shoulder. "Why?" she sobbed.

Ashley came over and sat down next to her, trying to stop her own tears. "I can't believe this," she choaked, "Ohmygod Shes so young!"

"Shhhh.." Taylor said quietly, rubbing her back. "C'mon. Lets go to my house. Our mom will understand. After all, the same thing happened to her mom...." Taylor helped her up and advanced to the bus stop with her, wher ethe next bus was scheduled to arrive in 10 minutes.

Dawn stood up, wiped her tears, and followed them as Zac walked with her with his arm around her. She didn't care at this point WHAT happened between her and Zac, or Ashley and Taylor for that matter, as long as her grandmother got better and her family could return back to normal. "Thanks Zac," she whispered, "You're a great friend."

Zac smiled sadly and whispered, "Anytime you need me I'll be there."

It was 12:07 when they reached the Hansons house. They walked in and Dawn and Ashley sat down on the couch, still sniffing, while Zac and Taylor went off to tell their mom what happened. "Ash?" Dawn asked, her voice hoarse. "Are you ok?"

Ashley nodded. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I hope..." She glannced up as Mrs. Hanson caem towards them with Zac and Taylor in tow.

"Oh, you poor dears," Mrs. Hanson said, giving them a sympathic look. "Of course you're welcome to stay here. As long as you two aren't in the same room as the boys, you can sleep over untill you feel ready enough to go home. I'll set up some beds in the family room, and you two can stay there, watch movies, whatever you want you are welcome to."

Dawn smiled through her tears. "Thanks so much Mrs. Hanson. I'm sorry we had to do this to you.."

"Oh, don't worry! I love you girls, and everyone in this house adores you. You arn't putting us through anything!" Mrs. Hanson replied. They laughed. "Ok, if you need anything, ask any of the boys or me or Mr. Hanson, got that?" Dawn and Ashley nodded. "Good. I'm going to go make your beds...and you two can get settled. Oh, the boys will get you some night clothes....CLEAN ones," she said as she shot Taylor and Zac a glance. They began to blush.

She laughed. "Well, goodnight children....Behave!" She exited the room, leaving the teens staringa t each other.

"Well," Taylor said, "I'm gonna go get you two some nightshirts, Zac'll show you were the room is. If you guys are feeling up to it then we can watch another movie."

Ashley stepped up to Taylor and played with a strand of his hair. "Can I come to? I wanna see your room."

Zac jumped in. "Yeah, me and Dawn can go to the family room. But Tay, don't pull anything. Mom and Dad arent in bed yet, you don't want them to hear anything...HEY!" Zac shouted as a pillow swung across his face. "Taylor, you ass!" He hid behind Dawn, peeking out from her shoulder. "Protect me from him!" he whispered. He tickled her side and staretd pulling her toward the family room.

"Hey Zac! Don't let the neighbors hear anything!!" Taylor shouted before advancing toward the stairs as Zac ran after him with two pillows.

"Wow," Ashley said as she stepped in the boys room, "You guys all share one room? Me and Dawn dont even do that."

"Well, your family only has two kids," Taylor pointed out, shutting the door behind him.

Ashley nodded. "Yeah, I guess thats why." She went over to the window and stared out at the stars. "Wow. Its so pretty out."

Taylor came up behind her. " you. Hey, are you wearing your ring?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her and resting his head on her shoulder.

Ashley sighed. "Yeah.. ..Its so relaxing, the frash air I mean" she said, placing her head on Taylors. "Whoa.. I need to sit down."

Taylor carefully led her over to the bed and sat her down. "Are you ok?" he asked, concerned, running his hand across her back.

Ashley sat back. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just had a dizzy spell."

Taylor nodded. "Ok.. I better get you and Dawn shirts for bed." He got up, went over to the dresser, pulled out two of his long t-shirts and a small package that he placed in his pocket. He turned and tossed one of the shirts to Ashley. "Here. Change in to this. I'll be right back."

He went down to the family room and what he saw shocked him right out of his mind. "Ummm....."

Zac fell off the couch, and stood up. "Hi! Wheres Ashley?" he asked, his cheeks turning red. He pulled his shirt down, which had came halfway off.

OH LORD!! DAMMIT TAYLOR! Dawn thoguht, adjusting her shirt. Her and Zac had been sitting there and some how ended up making out with Zac laying on top of her. Oh joy..and by the other guy I like too....OTHER?

Taylor stood. "Wow, Zac, youre BLUSHING." He glanced over to see Dawn, who was sittin gon the couch, turn red as well." Whoa. Whatever youve done to him you got him BAD. He never blushes." Taylor winked at her and walked over to give her her shirt. "Here ya go...Maybe you should go change in the bathroom...ZAC that doesnt mean that you go with her..HEY!" she shouted as Zac tackled him. Taylor pushed him off and stood up, embaressed. "Dawn, I don't know what you see in him." He studied her face. "You and your sister could trick people, you know. You look so much like her, ypu coulkd easily trick people."

Dawn blushed. Like I wouldnt know that.....

Zac looked over at Dawn and staretd ushering Taylor out of the room. "OK, Tay, she'll get chagnged in the bethroom. Go get Ashley."

A sly smile slid across Taylors face as Zac pushed him out of the room. He ran upstairs to his room, where Ashley had fell asleep on his bed. Ooops. I was gone too long. He walked over and sat on the bed next to her. "Ash?" he said softly. She awoke with a start.

"Huh? Sorry Tay... I musta fell asleep..." she peered up at him. "Why were you gone so long?"

Taylor shrugged. "Oh, I went downstairs and found our young siblings making out."

Ashleys eyes grew huge. "WHAT!! Oh my God! I want to see!" she sat up and hugged Taylor. "But I'd rather be with you.."

Taylor hugged her back, then started kissing her neck aggresively. He laid her down and lay on top of her, placing his tongue in her mouth.

"Tay.." Ashely breathed. She pulled his shirt off, and began kissing his chest.

Taylor moaned. "Ashley...I" He looked at her pleadingly. "Please..."

Ashley moved her hand down. Taylor dug his hand into her arm and burried his head into her shoulder. "Ohmygod..."he whimpered. He pulled her shirt off, leaving her blushing.

Taylor stared. "Whoa...But hey at least you...." Ashley silenced him but moving her hand down again. "Damnnnn.." he whimpered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his 'package'. "Please...."

Ashley stared at the package. "Um, can't, please.." She pushed him off her gentley and pulled her shirt back on. She gave him a pleading look. "Please understand Tay..."

Taylor looked down at the condom. FUCK! Oh well. I'll wait. He glanced up at her and kissed hger gently. "Alright," he whispered. He kissed her again, then pulled his shirt back over his head. "Lets go down stairs. I'm sure Zac tried something."

They laughed and Taylor pulled her off the bed and held her hand as they went down stairs.