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Chapter 12: Hormones

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MMM    MMM    GOOD    BOYS    OF    POP

Dawn arose sleepily a few days later (the "love bite" was just about gone, and the Hansons were back from New York) and started downstairs for breakfast. She checked her watch. 8:30. *Wow, its early* she thought. She pulled out her favorite cereal and made herself a bowl of cereal when she noticed something. Dawn looked around. "Where is everyone?" Dawn asked aloud. Perplexed, she turned back to her cereal and began to read her Seventeen. Ashley bounded down the stairs. "Hey, Dawn." She looked out of breath. "Mmmmm, cereal. I'll join you." "Hmmmm," Dawn said, engrossed in her magazine. Ashley quietly pulled out her silverware and was soon eating with her sister. "What are you reading? You look out of it. It must be good," she said, a mouthful of Fruit Loops in her mouth. Dawn nodded. "Yup, its the new one," she said. SHe held up her cover for her sister to see. Ashley took it from her sister and began examining the cover. "How to become a babe......Quiz: Are you a true friend........Hanson, the 'MMM MMM Good' boys of pop....OOOH I'm reading that! Is that what you were reading?" she asked. Dawn blushed and looked down. "Yup. Sure, why not? I mean, they have.....awesome music." Ashley glanced curiously at her sister. "OK, you're acting like you're in love with them. I know I am." she said, gigling. "So I've heard." Dawn said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. They sat for a few minutes chewing."So....what have you been doing with Taylor?" Ashley grinned over the top of the mag. "Hmm, not much. You know how I am with boys. So far I've made out with him, and" she glanced around, "these." she pointed to a small bruise on her neck, and another right above her collar bone. "We didn't have enough time for anything. But oh well. I've gotten to know him. Like talking to him." she explained. Dawn's eyes widened. *And like I havnt??* "Wow, by THE Taylor Hanson." * Tell her......* You know Ash, have you ever known someone that liked um the same guy as you? Like a friend? A CLOSE friend?" she asked, stirring her spoon in her bowl. Ashley shrugged. "Who DOESNT like Taylor?? I mean, I'm lucky to have MET him, let alone do what I did with him. Why do you ask?" Ashely replied. Dawn just looked at her sister. "I don't know.... I was just wondering. You know, I'm looking out for you." she said sofly. "and.." "Aw, me too. Sorry. I have cheerleading practice. So I have to go. Practice starts in 15 minutes." Ashley said, cleaning out her bowl. Dawn looked surprised. "THIS early?? Wow. Ashley, I admire you. NOT!" Ashley laughed as she headed out the door. "Very funny. Well, bye!" she called. *Whatever. Whenever I get close to telling her, she always has to run. Hey, its not my fault if she finds out and gets mad or sad or whatever.* Dawn thought grumpily as she cleaned her bowl. She heard a knock at the front door. *Ash probably forgot something.* she thought as she went to answer it. When she opened it, she gasped as Taylor fell in. "Ooops, sorry." Taylor said, standing up and dusting his pants, turning a bright red. Dawn stood there. "Um, thats alright. Perfect timing, Romeo. I'm not even dressed yet," she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Taylor smiled and looked down at her. "I think you look fine. You know, shabby hair is in," he said, playing with one of the ends of her hair. Dawn swatted him away. "I know. They all get it from YOUR hair," she giggled, running into the living room. Taylor pretended to pout as he ran in after her and tackled her. "TAY! I'm not one of your brothers!" Dawn said, laughing. Taylor helped her up. "Yeah, I know. But pushing YOU around is much more fun, for some reason," he replied, rubbing her hand with both of his. Dawn pulled away. " Haha. So funny, Tay. Why don't you sit here and watch some TV while I go get dressed? I hate looking like this," she said. Taylor's eyes bored into hers. "Hmmmm... ok." Taylor replied, pulling her close and kissing her forehead. *O......k* Dawn thought as she trudged back upstairs. She closed her door and began pulling out clothes. She had just got her shirt on when she heard a knock at her door. "Tay? DON'T come in!" she shouted. Taylor laughed. "I need help with the ice maker. It's not working right," he called, his voice muffled. Knowing what she was going to do was wrong, she sighed, went over and carefully opened her door a inch or so. "I'll be right down, give me a minute to finish getting dressed," she said, giving him a look. Taylor reached out and ran his fingers on her arm, which was the only thing sticking out her door. "Well, ok. How far have you gotten?" he asked. Dawn stared him then looked behind her. "Well, I have my shirt on, but no shorts yet." she gave him another look. "BUT I have boxers on, Tay." Taylor smiled and leaned down to give her a small kiss. "Then why can't I come in?" he asked, his nose touching hers. Dawn sighed, "Tay, you know full right why. If I have you in my room my parents will kill me." "No one will know. Besides, I want to see your room." Taylor replied. "Please?" Dawn rolled her eyes and opened the door. "OK, only for a minute. But don't try anything." Taylor smiled and walked in, observing her walls. "Nice picture....whos that guy? He looks very fimilar to me.... Hmmmm," he said, tapping his chin. Dawn blushed and walked over to him. "That guy seems to be you, then Zac, and Ike." she replied. "Now can you leave since you've looked at everything?" Taylor wrapped his arm around her and smiled shyly at her. "Actually, I'm not done," he said sofly, "I still need to see you." Dawn stared up at him in surprise. *I knew it, I knew it. Oh man I can't let him, theres a GOOD chance Ashley or my parents will come home.* she thought. She carefully pushed him away. "Tay, no, not here. Not now." Taylor looked at her wth puppy dog eyes. *Smooth, Taylor* he thought. "Can I sit on your bed while you put your shorts on?" he asked softly. " I won't try anything, I promise." Dawn stared into his ice blue eyes. *WHY oh WHY must he do this to me?* "OK, but if you try anything I will kill you." She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of her Levis, then walked over to her closet and pulled the door around her. "Hey!" Taylor said. She smiled. *No way, Taylor* she thought. She took off her boxers and pulled her shorts on. As soon as she pulled up the zipper, Taylor came up to the oak door and whispered, "Hello." "Hi," she replied. She opened the door to find Taylor staring at the frame. "Are you ok?" she asked. Taylor looked her up and down and smiled. "I am. But your button isn't buttoned." he reached out and carefully hooked the button on her shorts. He leaned down and kissed her neck. "Tay.." she warned as Taylor moved his lips up to her mouth and slipped his tongue inside. She pulled away, aggravated. "Taylor. Not now, not here. Please." she looked at him pointingly, fixing the hem of her shirt that Taylor had pulled up. Taylor sighed. *DAMN DAMN DAMN* he thought. Dawn reached out and took his hand as she led him downstairs.