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Chapter 14: Boredom

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You're    In    Love

Ashley shut the door behind her as she stepped into the brightly lit hallway. She smiled and inhaled deeply as the aroma of fresh baked bread filled her nostrils. "You're late, Ashley Smith." her father said as she entered the kitchen where her family was already settled around the table. "I know, dad, I'm sorry. I had to drop off Avery Hanson's sweatshirt that she left at practice today," she apologized. *Yeah right,* Dawn thought unhappily. *she was probably making out with Taylor.* Their dad nodded. "Okay." Mrs. Smith smiled. "How was practice today?" Ashley shrugged. "It was okay. Kelley's trying to kill us though." Dawn starred at her sister. "What do you mean?" Ashley picked up a peice of bread and pulled off a small portion of it and tossed it in her mouth. "She's having this crazy idea about the pyrmid routine. She wants it to more wider or something." "And your on the top?" Mr. Smith asked. "Yep." Her mom shook her head, concerned. "I don't know if I like that. Isn't that kind of dangerous?" "Mom, she's been doing it for years. She knows what she's doing." Dawn joined in. "Yeah mom. It's not dangerous." Ashley informed her. "Well I still don't like it." Dawn and Ashley exchanged looks that said "parents" and immediatly went into a fit of unstopable giggles. ********************************************************************** "Ow! Ikey! Stop!" Avery shouted, laughing hystarically as Isaac proceeded to tickle her. Jessica and Mackinzie watched their sister sqwirm helplessly. Isaac laughed and let her up, out of breath. "That'll teach you to not listen in on my phone conversations." Avery grinned innocently as she wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes. "But I like listening to you on the phone. It's funny!" Isaac got up off the floor and advanced on his baby sister. She screamed and grabbed Jessica's hand and pulled her out of the room.Ike then turned to Mackie. "Me no listen to you on da phone." he said proudly, puffing out his chest. "That's good, Mac. And don't pick up the habbit either." "Kay Ikey-poos." he looked at his big brother a moment longer then took off after his sisters, almost tripping over the plush carpet. Isaac giggled. "Watch it, Kiddo." Mackinzie stopped and stuck his tongue out at him, then continued on his way. Isaac shook his head and smiled. He sat down on the sofa. He picked up his notebook and pen. Just as his pen touched the paper, the door opened and slammed loudly, then was followed by Taylor entering the room and throwing himself down onto the over-stuffed arm chair with a loud sigh. Isaac raised an eye brow. "Problems Tay?" Taylor glanced at him for a second then closed his eyes. "Not really. Just hormonal ones." This caught Isaac's attention, causing him to almost drop his notebook. "Say what?" Taylor shook his head, his eyes still closed. "Girl problems?" Isaac tried again. His brother opened one of his eyes and looked at him. "No." he paused. "Well, I guess you could call them 'girl problems.' I can't seem to keep my hands off one." Isaac sat his notebook down. "You mean Ashley? Or Dawn or whatever her name is?" Taylor nodded. "Yeah. My hormones got in the way twice today. First in her her room. Then again when I walked her home." Isaac nodded. "Go on. What did you do?" Taylor sighed. "Well, this morning, I went over to her house before she was even dressed. I followed her up to her room and practically begged her into letting me in and watch her dress. Then, when I walked her home, I practically stripped her on the street! Well, I didn't strip her, I just but my hand up her shirt, but I probably would have if she hadn't of stopped me." he paused and sighed. "It's just that, whenever I'm around her, I feel like, I don't know, that I need to be next to her. I don't look at any other girls anymore. Only her." he looked at his brother. "What's wrong with me, Ike?" Isaac starred at his brother, expressionless. Then he spoke quietly. "Your in love, little brother."