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A Hanson Story (By Jennifer)
A Hanson story (By Jennifer)
Chapter 30
Tears In The Treehouse

Jumping    To    Conclusions

Meanwhile...Dawn and Zac were sitting on the couch watching MTV. "Whoa. This is boring.. Theres nothing on tv," Dawn said, adjusting herself so Zac wasn't sitting with his arm around her. What happened earlier when Taylor walked in was unpredicatable and they couldn't help it. She moved and sat on the floor and rested her head back and closed her eyes. She yawned. "I'm so tired."

Zac looked down at her. Hmmmmm. He moved down and sat next to her. I can make it so its not boring. He lightly touched her hand, no answer. He leaned over and kissed her ear. "Hmm..." She had fallen asleep. Zac kissed her neck, trying to get her to wake up. "Dawn?" he asked.

She rolled her head over and peered at him. "Huh, lord." She rubbed her eyes. "I musta fell asleep...sorry Zac. Its been a long day."

Zac smiled sympatcheicly and put his arm around her. After a few minutes he looked over and noticed Dawn was dozing off again so he gently kissed her neck for a few minutes.

"Mmmmm...Zac?" Dawn whispered. Zac replied by making his kisses even deeper. She turned and ran her hand through his hair. That made him respond even deeper and he placed on of his hands on her back with the other began rubbing her leg.

Here we go again.. Dawn thought. Why is it coming to this? This can't be right..but oh god... She put her hand on his back and pulled him closer, as he began gently biting her neck. He grabbed her arm and pushed her down on her back and straddled her.

"TAYLOR! Look!" Ashley whispered. She had just looked in and found Zac and Dawn 'watching tv'. Dawn twisted her head and saw Ashley there and gasped. She tried to push Zac off but he didn't notice Ashley and his brother standing there so he kept on going.

OH my God! Zac!! Get off! Dawn thought. "ZAC! Taylor and Ashley are watching us!!" she said, prying Zacs hands off her.

"HUH!" Zac pulled back and fell over and sat on her legs. He was met by laughter as Taylor and Ashley fell in the room and over the back of the couch. "WHOA ZAC!" Taylor said, winking at his brother. "Second time tonight! And within a half hour!"

Zac just sat there and blushed, brushing his hair back away from his face. "Very funny. What took you two so long?" he asked, and smirked. "Try something Tay?"

It was Taylors turn to blush. "Well..."

Ashley noticed what was happening and spoke up. "You guys wanna watch a movie?" she asked.

Dawn nodded. "Yeah. There was like nothing on tv," she said, then started to blush.

Ashely giggled. "Ok, how about.." She looked at the movie selection that the Hansons had. "OOH! How about Wes Craven's New Nightmare? I hear its really good."

"Sure," Tayor shrugged. "Its awesome. I think I told you you had to see it." He went over and popped the tape in the VCR, then sat on the couch with Ashley, while Dawn chose next to Zac on the loveseat.

They sat in silence for a about the first 15 minutes then then came a part where blood gashed over the screen. "OH LORD!" Ashely yelled, burying her head into Taylors shoulder. He wrapped his arm arm around her reassuringly andglanced over to see that Dawn had done the same thing.

Dawn lifted her head. "Ew. That was disgusting," she said. She sat back and grined bashfully. "Hey, I didn't scream through SCREAM or I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER at all!"

Zac laughed. "Ah, don't worry. I said before if you needed me I'll be here for you..I am now," he said. He leaned back and pulled Dawn closer to him.

Ho boy. If he starts anything in front of Tayl.... She glanced over and saw Taylor and Ashley had disapeared. "Where did they go?" she asked Zac.

Zac looked over and starting laughing. "Well, I see what I think is Taylors foot behnd the couch. And from what I hear theyre not exactly talking either. Also Taylors foot is moving back and forth bad. Well well well. Shame on older brother....setting a bad example for me."

Dawn nodded. "Oh well. But at least they arent in front of the couch where we can see them so no one would get embaressed," she said.

Zac nodded and kissed her head. What is with her? She acts like she likes me sometimes and other times it like whoa, ok stop it Zac. I'll have to talk to Ike about this. Taylor obviously won't be any help. Shes driving me crazy!!!

Dawn looked up and smiled. "Hey Zac, how tall are you?"

Zac looked down and said "5 foot 3 and a half inches. Im a big man."

Dawns giggled. "Wow. Youre like, a half inch taller then me. I was wondering... I mean, I don't look down on you...."

Zac rubbed her back and grinned. "And thats a very good thing. I couldn't stand it if you were taller then me...It would be harder for me to kiss you." He became serious and hugged her tight. "I like you alot Dawn."

Dawn thought for a sec. Ok, isnt this too soon? Hes getting awfullypersonal..Well, he DID go off on those scenes earlier...when TAYLOR walked in. She leaned over and kissed Zac lightly, running her fingers through his golden locks. She realized that was the first time she had kissed Zac, all the other times he had pushed ahead and kissed her. Zac kissed her back and began running his hands all over her back and arms. And the boy is only 12...well maybe he takes after his parents..They DO have seven kids.. She felt a shiver as Zacs kisses met the collar of her buttoned up shirt. Yup, he takes after his parents...him and Taylor both. He pushed her over and lay on top of her..the movie still running, but no one watching.

Ike stumbled through about 7:30 the next morning. He had went 'parking' with Michelle, went to a party and got himself drunk. He stumbled into the family room and noticed his two brothers tangled up on the couch and loveseat with two girls. He rubebd his eyes, tripped and landed on the edge of the couch where Ashley was laying in Taylors lap. His eyes widened as he saw several hickeys dotted all over neck and a big one one right above her shirtline. "Whoa, litte bro..My man! Tay went all the way!"

He stumbled over to Zac and Dawn where Dawn was propped up against Zac and using the couch as her bed. He noticed hickeys on her neck as well, as a fairly dark one near her collarbone. He stood back and tripped in shock. "Zac too? No wonders why him Aminal, I mean Animal..." He looked around. "WHOA. These girls have to have done it blood anywhere," he gigled, pulling himself to his feet. "WELL AS I HAVE ROOM TO TALK I MEAN...." he shouted.

Zac awoke with a start to see Ike sitting there saying nonsense words to himself. "Ike?" he asked, his voice still thick from sleep. "You ok, man?" He glanced down to see Dawn sprawled across his lap. "I musta fell asleep down here.. Shit. If mom find out I'm dead."

Ike laughed. "And got your freak on. I can tell. And Tay did too. Wow. Aint that shit. All three of us becoming nonvirgins in the same night!"

Zac sat up with a start, almost knocking Dawn off his lap. "WHAT! You did WHAT!" he shouted.

His voice woke up Taylor, who stared at them confused. "Huh??"

Zac grew impatient. "Ike went out, obviously got drunk, had sex with Michelle...And then claims me and you did it with Dawn and Ash too."

Taylor sat up. "What! Hell no! I didn't even have her clothes off! Even ask her!" He gently shook Ashley. She sat up and yawned. Taylor wasted no time. "Ashley, did we have sex last night?? Drunk Ike here thinks we did! And that Dawn and Zac did too!"

Ashley gasped. "IKE! What the hell! I'm only 13!"

Zac nodded. "And I'm only way! I'm too young for that." He felt Dawn stir. "Dawn? Wake up...wake up......." Zac whispered. he tapped her shoukder a few times.

Dawn opened her eyes. She blinked when she saw Isaac staring at her. "Ike.. are you ok?" she asked. She sat up and peered around the room.

Zac looked at her seriously. "No. He thinks you and I and Tay and Ashley all had sex last night because of the way we were sleeping against each other when he stumbled in, obviously drunk. And hes saying he had sex himself."

Dawn looked at Ike in disbelief. "Um, what? Isaac...I'm only 13, Id rather wait a few more years...."

Isaac shooed away her coments. "Yeah, you are all lierss. And I know you girls did it beofere you did it here becaus ethere is no blood anywhere..." His eyes widened with excitement. "Not unless you guys did it before too!!"

Zac looked over at Taylor. "Hey Tay.. I think our brother has finally cracked."

Taylor nodded. "Isaac, I think you need to go to sleep. Too much partying is bad for you."

Isaac just threw his hands up in the air and stumbled away. "Yeah, you just wanted me to leave so you guys could make out," he said, his voice slurred.

They laughed. "My god... I can't believe he thought that. Good lord!" Dawn said, sitting back. She glanced over at him, who was studying her neck intently.

"Uhhhh.. ummm... Dawn go to the mirror and check your neck." Zac said, his eyes widenming in amazement.

Dawn stared at him then when up to the mirror on the wall. "OHH LORD. Don't let your mom see them!!!!" She stood, shocked. "Oh my god Zac!" DAMN! Taylor didnt even give me that many hickeys at once!! Ashley followed her.

"Yup. Sis I have them too. Theres quite a few of them between us...." They truend and gave the boys a look, who started to blush. They began to laugh.

Dawn went over and sat next to Zac, who had turned bright red. "Um, hormones," he said. Taylor nodded, his face crimson as well. "Yeah...thats it. Its a guy thing.." Taylor mumbled. He smiled and lay back on Ashleys shoulder. "We all get it sometimes.....girls get it too ya know..."

Dawn and Ashley looked at each other and started cracking up. Just then the telephone rang. Taylor ran to the kitchen and picked it up. "Hello? Yeah, this is Taylor.....Yeah theyre here....." he glanced up. "Dawn? Ash? phone!"

Dawn and ashley ran over to the phone, which Taylor had put on speaker. Zac gave Taylor a questioning look. "About their grandmother." Taylor whispered. Zac nodded.

"Hello?" Ashley asked. "Girls?" Mrs Smith replied. "I have bad your grandmother died sometime during the night....She had a severe stroke and couldn't be helped..."