Dawn went in her house after Taylor and Ike dropped her off. She sighed, rubbing her neck where Taylor had left his little "mark." Wow, that was incredible...Much better then Eric, she thought, frowning.


Dawn jumped in surprise. "Hey, Ash! Damn you scared me!"

Ashley crossed her arms and laughed. "Well, you should know me by now..." she grinned. "Or are we a little preoccupied? I just came in, and I'm guessing you did too."

Dawn giggled and dropped her arm from her neck. "So, Missy, where were you?"

Ashley shrugged and sat down on the rocker. "I was out. Over at Sarah's. Ya know, the crowd. Kelley, Mike, Ann, Jeff, if you were there. Where were YOU?"

Dawn sat down on the couch, laying her head down on the pillow that was beside her. "Oh, I was out with my friend."

Ashley leaned forward. "What friend?" she asked.

Dawn closed her eyes and smiled. " his name is Jordan."

Ashley smiled. "Oooooh, Jordan. I love that name. What does he look like?"

Uhhhhhh, Dawn thought. She didn't realize it by Ashley had absentmindedly picked up a lock of her hair and tugged. "Ow! Okay, okay! He was the kid I described before. Remember? Blonde hair? Blue eyes? And watch the hair!"

Ashley laughed. "Wow. Taylor's the same description as him. He must look like him. Ain't that a conwinkydink?" She began braiding her sisters hair and noticed a large dark mark on her neck. "DAWN! What the hell is that on your neck?" she demanded.

Dawn bolted upright. DAMN Dawn! she thought. " was, ahhhh, Jordan."

Ashley settled back with a relieved smile on her face. "Oh, alright. Shit. That thing is HUGE. You two must have been at it for a while! It looks like a bat bit you!"

Dawn grinned nervously and tossed her hair forward so it covered the bruise. "Don't tell mom and dad! They'll have a fit! Anyway," she said, glancing at the clock, "I'm gonna go get ready for bed. I'm worn out."

Ashley wiggled her eyebrows. "Gee, I wonder WHY, Miss Love Bite.....Well alright. Night."

"See you tomorrow," Dawn said, giving her sister a brief wave and headed up the stairs. She went to her room and locked her door. She sat down at her mirror and began to examine the large bruise near the front of her neck. I should have been more careful...

Zac jumped when the door to his room burst open and Tay ran in, grinning. "Ahhh Tay! You scared me! Again! Am I your only prey? Go pick on Mackie for once!" Zac practically shouted.

Taylor flopped on the bed next to his brother. "Well, that's called revenge, Dear Sibling," he said, ruffling Zac's hair, "From earlier, when you screamed in my ear," he studied the notebook his brother was writing in. "Well, well, Zac, what is this?"

Zac grabbed it back from Taylor and stuck out his tongue. "It's none of your business! Now go away!"

Taylor shook his head. "Uh, uh. Not till I find out who 'Elizabeth' is. Well?"

Zac pushed him and ran out of the room. He ran back and wiggle his eye brows before taking off again.

Taylor shook his head and laughed. He began to get ready for bed when Ike knocked on the door.

"Tay? Can I come in now?" Ike asked.

Taylor looked up from his magazine. "Sure, You can come in, what's up?"

Ike shrugged and lay down on his own bed, staring at the ceiling. He sighed.

"Hey, Ike, what's the matter? You look down in the dumps." Taylor said, rolling on his stomach to face his brother. "And do you have any idea who 'Elizabeth' is?"

Ike frowned. "Elizabeth? I have no idea. Anyway... I found out Michelle is going to be leaving in two days. To Florida."

Taylor held up his hand, shocked. "Um, are you missing something here? Hello? Aren't WE leaving in two days to New York? For that show? You know, Regis and Kathie Lee?"

Ike's mouth dropped open. "Damn! I knew I was forgetting something! I have to call her! But anyway.... How was you little 'date'?"

Taylor shrugged. "Awesome. Good thing I was hungry or otherwise I'd be looking at her the whole time. I do that at practice. She's a very cool girl, definitely one I want to get to know. Sometimes she's tentative toward me, other times she just pushes ahead and leaves me with my head spinning. It's like she's two different people." Taylor smiled, and laid back on his pillow.

Isaac nodded. "Yeah, I seen it coming. How does she feel about you?"

"I have no idea. But she must like me a lot to be seen with me. Remember that girl I tried getting with last summer? What was her name? Lia?"

"HAHAHA! Yup! I remember! That was priceless! You used to follow her around, acting like her maid! And she was never interested in you, you know. You were just another dumb blonde....HEY!" he shouted as Taylor threw his pillow at him. He threw the pillow back at Taylor, hitting him square on his forehead.

"Clarke Isaac! Gosh Darnit! MY eye!" Taylor whined, holding his head.

Concerned, Isaac walked over to Taylor. "Hey, you alright, I was.....Ahh!" he shrieked as Taylor punched him in the stomach. Isaac's fist was hurtling toward Taylor's nose when the door flew open and Mrs. Hanson charged in.

"Boys! Good lord! It's 11:17 PM and you two decide to start fighting? Don't come running to me when Mackie wakes up wanting a damn hug every hour!" she said furiously, standing between the two shocked boys.

Oh shit thought Taylor. "Um, Mom?" he asked tentatively. "Are you alright?"

Mrs. Hanson gave her son a hard look before wearily rubbing her eyes. "Yes. Just PLEASE don't fight any more before this trip. Zac already came running down complaining that Tay was invading his privacy. Please. I need peace, and I need sleep. Go to bed at a decent time tonight. And no more three-o'clock in the morning snacks, Tay."

Taylor and Isaac nodded.

"Okay, Mom, we're sorry, good night."

"Night," she said, closing the door softly leaving the boys staring at each other.

"Damn," Taylor said softly.

"I wonder if Zac got to her too much. Something's up." Isaac nodded and wearily climbed in his bed. "Definitely. We'll decide tomorrow. I'm too tired. Shit, Taylor, where did you learn to punch like that?" he said rubbing his stomach.

Taylor shrugged and rubbed his eyes. "I don't know, must be in the genes. Anyway, sleepyhead, I'm not tired yet so I'll be downstairs," he replied. *Maybe I'll call Dawn...* "Just remember what mom said," Ike called as he closed the door.

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