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Chapter 17

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The    Hospital

"Ash? Are you okay?" the voice of Kelley asked. Ashley tried to open her eyes, but ever muscle in her body ached terribly. She tried to move her head, but the pain was too intense. The sound of an approaching ambulance filled the air, causing the pain in Ashley's head to increase. She heard the pounding of feet and someone called hr name. "Oh my God!" it was her mother. Ashley wanted to tell her that she was okay...but she couldn't get her mouth to corporate. "She's still unconscious." Coach Robertson informed her. "What happened?" Mr. Smith spoke up. "I can't really say. She was about to finish the pyrmid routine but I guess she lost her balence." Ashley heard her mother sob loudly. Two merimedics came by carrying a strecther and gently lifted her onto it. "Is she going to be okay?" her father asked. One of the merimedics looked him in the eye. "If she wakes up." ********************************************************************** Dawn ran into the house. "Ashley?" she called. "Mom? Dad?" No answer came. She walked into the kitchen, hoping to find a note saying they went to the store. Dawn jumped when the phone rang. Shacking, she picked it up. "Hello?" "Dawn? It's mom." "Hey, where are you?" "We're at the hospital. Ashley's been hurt." Dawn almost dropped the phone. *Not again.* "Is she okay? What happened?" "She was at her game and they were doing their last routine, the pyrmaid, and she was on the top, she was about about to finish, wehn she lost her balance and fell." Dawn shut her eyes. The image of Ashley falling fom such a height invaded her mind. She forced herself to push it away, but it still lingered in the back of her head. "Is she okay?" "We don't know hun. She's still unconscious. But she's breathing okay." "What's the room number? I'm coming to the hospital." "Dawn--I don't think that's such a good..." "Mom! What's the number!" Dawn shouted. Her mom sighed. "Four-o-four." Dawn slammed the phone down and ran back out the door. ********************************************************************** Taylor skated down the street. He was confused and worried. Dawn had acted strange when they had met that afternoon, then acted as if she were dying. He truely didn't get it. He looked up and noticed someone walking towards him. He sqwented and saw that it was Kelley Miller. "Hey Kelley. Do you know where Da--Ashley is?" he asked. She nodded saddly. "She's in the hospital. I just came back from there. If you were thinking about visiting her, it's too late. Visiting hours are over." Taylor's jaw dropped, and without another word, took off toward his house. ********************************************************************** Dawn ran into the hospital, only to be stopped by the clerk at the front desk. "Excuse me, young lady. Visiting hours are over. Only family members are allowed here now." "I AM family! My sister's in here!" she shouted and continued on her way to the stairs. The pain in her leg grew. She knew what this meant, her sister's arm was broken. This had happened before. This was something that kept the twins so close. Whenever one was hurt, the other would get a pain somewhere else in their body. They noticed this power when they were yoounger.