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Chapter 13: You're In Love

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Around 5 o'clock that night, Ashley stopped by the Hanson house to drop off Avery's sweatshirt that she had left at practice. Taylor answered the door. "Hey," he said. Ashley smiled at him and reached up and slowly kissed him, her tongue wandering around his. "Hi Tay." she pulled back and peered behind him. "I have something for your sister. Can I come in?" she asked. Taylor shrugged and moved back. "I'd love you to." he replied. He led her into the family room, where Zac, Avery and Mac were watching TV. Taylor looked over at her. "You know, I'm sorry about this morning." Ashley looked back at him, deep in thought. "About not being at practice? Tay, thats alright. You don't have to come to EVERY one," she said, squeezing his hand. Taylor was surprised. *Wow, I guess shes not mad or whatever. I guess I was smoother then I thought* he thought. Ashley placed the sweatshirt on Averys chair and glanced at him. "Well, I have to go eat." she said, running her finger up and down his chest. Taylor leaned down and kissed her softly. "EWWWWW! Taylor!" Zac yelled. "NOT when I'm here!" Taylor looked at his brother with a playful look in his eye. "Yeah, Zac, whatever. Remember when I found out who Elizabeth was? The girl you were kissing in the treehouse?" he replied. Zac threw his notebbok at him. "HAHA! VERY funny, slick!" he shouted. Ashley laughed. "Well, I see. Anyways, "she said, pulling Taylor away from the room, "Can Ike drive me home? I'm going to be late." Taylor shook his head and started out the door with his hand resting on her waist. "He's out with Michelle. Let me walk you home." Ashley sighed. *Good* They silently walked down the dark part of the street. "Sooo.." she started but Taylor stopped and pulled her close to him. He began running his fingers through her hair as he kissed her. "Tay....I have to eat...." she breathed. *What the hell is happening to me? It must be those so-called teenage-boy hormones working at me* Taylor thought. He began moving his hand up her shirt. "Taylor.." Ashley pulled back. "If I'm late then I'm grounded. Don't ask." Taylor sighed as they continued down the street. *Thats the second time on one day.* he thought. They stopped when they reached her house. "Bye, Tay. Love you." Ashley whispered as she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She squeezed his hand before she walked up the steps. Taylor glanced back at her house once more as he continued down the street * Oh well. Can't win them all* he thought. He began kicking a rock as he walked back home.