The Anti-Hansons

If you are an anti-Hanson and have stumbbled onto this page by mistake, then I advise that you leave. This page and this story was not meant for you and we do not want to put up with any B.S. from any of you. We have doen nothing to you, therefore, you have no right signing our guestbooks with stuff like "HANSON SUCKS" and all this other ignorant stuff. If you feel you have to leave us a message, do so. But after you do, make sure you go here for a better reading experiance.

Also, if you IM or e-mail us with any of that Anti-Hanson mubo-jumbo, we will be forced to report you and take matters into our own hands. Some Hanson fans you just don't want to piss off. Because that is not a good thing. But if you ignorant people feel the need to continue to hound us, you will be punished.