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Thinking Of (Both Of) You
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Chapter 27
First Moves

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Too    Far

Taylor, Ashley, Dawn, and Zac made their way back to the Hanson house. Ashley and Taylor were still soaked.

"I can't believe you did that." Ashley said to her sister, shacking her head. "That was mean."

"True. It was mean. Yet, oh so funny." Zac laughed, "You should have seen your faces! Oh man it was priceless! I don't believe I have ever seen something as funny as that! 'Dawn! Stop! Please!'" he mimicked Ashley.

Taylor shot Zac a warning look and took Ashley's hand. "Shut up Zac." he snapped.

Dawn laughed. "Sorry, Ash. We thought it would be funny. We didn't know it was going to piss you off so much."

They walked on in silence until they reached the guys home. Isaac opened the door. "Mom? Dad?"

No answer came.

They walked into the kitchen. Taylor walked over to the refridartor to get them all a drink. He found a note. He read it aloud:

Boys, We've taken the kids over to your aunts house for Tiffaney's birthday party.We will be back by seven. Don't get in trouble. Love, mom & dad

"Oh yeah. Today was Tiff's birthday. I forgot." Zac said.

"Who's Tiffaney?" Dawn asked.

"Our cousin." he asnwered.

Taylor noticed Ashley shivering. "Come on, Ash." he took her hand again and led her upstairs to his bedroom.

"What are you doing?" she asked, confused.

"Getting something for you to change into. You're shivering." he said simpily.

"Tay, do you honestly think I can fit into your clothes?" Ashley laughed.

Taylor shrugged. "They might be a little big, but at least you won't be cold anymore." he handed her a mound of clothes and kissed her breifely on the lips. "Now go get changed before you freeze."

Ashley eyed him then nodded. She walked towards the bathroom to change.

Ashley changed quickly and dried her hair. She looked in the mirror at her reflection. "Oh gross." she said to her mirror image. Her make up had smeared because of the water. Her cheeks burned. I can't believe I was walking around town looking like this. She quickly grabbed a wash cloth and scrubbed it off.

She walked quietly down the stairs and into the living room where everyone was now sitting. Taylor had already changed. He was sitting alone on the love seat while Isaac was seated in the over stuffed arm chair, Dawn and Zac sat next to each other on the sofa.

Dawn laughed as Ashley sat down next to Taylor. "Nice clothes, sis. I didn't know you were into the skater look."

Ashley stared at her. "Shut up, Dawn. You're not funny." she snapped.

Dawn was hurt. Ashley had never spoken to her so coldly before. Maybe I went a little too far this time.

"Well, personally, I think she looks good in my clothes." Taylor said, and leaned over and kissed her.

Zac groaned. "Dawn, do you want to see our tree house? It's much more interesting than watching these two make out."

"We aren't making out, dummy." Taylor put his arm around Ashley's shoulder. "I just simply kissed her."

Dawn laughed. "Yeah, sure, Zac. let's go."