Ashley and Taylor broke away from each other and looked towards the door only to find Zac standing there starring at them. Their faces were both growing red now.

" long have you been standing there?" Taylor said, stumbling over his words.

Zac shrugged. "Long enough to see your little public display of affection act. Anyways, Kelley told me to come get Ashley. Practice is about to start."

Ashley and Taylor exchanged embarrassed glances at each other.

Taylor then took her hand and they walked into the gym.

Taylor rejoined his brothers on the stands.

"I thought you said you would be right back. You were gone for like ten minutes!" Isaac exclaimed.

Taylor blushed. "I...uh...sorta ran into Ashley."

Isaac smiled. "I know. I saw."

Taylor's jaw dropped.

"Tay, the doors were open. Everyone who was looking in that direction had to have seen it." Isaac laughed.

Taylor's face turned scarlet. Figures,

His brother stopped laughing when he saw the look on Taylor's face. "Okay, Tay. I'm sorry. I don't think anyone else was looking," he paused. "Except Zac. He was standing there the whole time. He looked kinda grossed out."

Taylor snorted. "Oh well. It was worth it."

Ashley looked around for Kelley. She had to talk to her. "Hey Kel! Come here!"

Kelley jogged over to her. "Sup?" she gave her friend a strange look. "And was up with the little PDA in the hallway about? I didn't think that Ashley Lauren Smith would do something like that."

Ashley only laughed.

"Anyways, c'mon. Let's practice!" she ran off screaming, "Okay guys! Practice time. Start the music!"

Ashley rolled her eyes and followed her friend. So much for talking to her.

Taylor watched as the cheerleaders began. Ashley was at the other end of the mat, preparing for her running routine. He smiled. As the music started and after the shouts of Kelley counting off, Ashley began to run, gradually picking up speed. Then she flipped, landing perfectly on her feet. She proceeded to do a backhand spring.

At the end, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac watched in awe as they began to form the pyramid. Ashley was on top, standing on two girls shoulders. Two other girls were standing at the bottom of the pyramid. Jessica and Avery on the sides, jumping up and down then doing cartwheels and splits.

Then they watched as Ashley pushed herself off the shoulders of the two cheerleaders and flip backwards.

The boys gasped. Taylor's eyes grew wide. Isaac's mouth was now formed in an "O" of shock and disbelief. Zac covered his eyes.

Ashley fell easily into the arms of the two cheerleaders on the bottom and was soon followed by the others. She looked up onto the stands and almost fell over laughing when she saw the expressions of Taylor and his brothers. Taylor's eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. Isaac's mouth was wide enough to fit a softball inside. And poor Zac and covered his eyes.

"Take five!" Kelley yelled.

Ashley shook her head, still snickering. She rubbed her aching wrists and walked up the bleachers. She laughed when she reached the top. "You guys can stop now," she said, sitting beside Taylor.

"Whoa!" Taylor whispered. "That was amazing."

Ashley smiled and looked over at Zac who was sitting between Ike and Taylor. "You can uncover your eyes now Zac."

Zac slowly took his hands from his eyes. "Is it over?"

They all laughed.

"That wasn't so bad. Just please, please don't do any splits. That hurts just watching it." Isaac groaned.

They laughed again. "Sorry to disappoint you, Isaac, but we do splits in the next routine."

"Thanks for warning me," he groaned.

Taylor gently brushed a strand of hair that had fallen from the once neat ponytail off her forehead with one finger. Then wiped the beads of perspiration that were starting to slid down her smooth cheek.

Ashley smiled at him.

Taylor gave Isaac a pleading look. "Um...c'mon Zac. Let's go get something to drink." Isaac said, getting up.

"But I'm not thirsty!" Zac protested, but then saw the look on Taylor and Ashley's faces. They were starring at each other with weird expressions. "Ya know, on second thought, I think I could use something to drink." he followed his brother, afraid to look back.

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