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Chapter 24
One Is Good Enough For Me

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"Beep! Beep! Beep!" Isaacs watch beeped. He woke up with a start and peered at his Timex.

"12:45?!?! Oh shit! We must have fell asleep!!" He glanced around the room to see that everyone in the room was also asleep. Zac was sprawled on the floor next to Dawn, Ashley's head on Taylor's shoulder. They were all snoring lightly. Ike shook his head and rubbed his eyes to see if what he was seeing was really there. Taylor had a couple of bottles of beer around him, and one was in his hand! "Dammit Tay! Hey! Wake up!" he shouted, stepping over Dawn and Zac to shake Taylor. Ashley fell off Taylors shoulder and rolled down on the couch. Isaac had Taylor by the neck. "TAY! Jordan Taylor!!" he yelled, his hands on the collar of Taylors shirt.

"Huh?" Taylor said, his voice slightly slurred. "Ike, whats are you doing?"

"What am I doing?? You got drunk too, like your little girlfriend!!"

Taylor rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Naw, Ike, I just hada few beers. Nothing big." He glanced over at the clock. "Hey! Ike.... we gotsa go now! We gonna be late!"

Isaac shook his head. "No shit Sherlock. That's why I woke you up. We all must have fell asleep. Moms gonna be PISSED. And look at you, youre half drunk!"

Zac instantly woke up. "Huh? You guys, you woke me up!" he glanced around the room. "Oh, shh" he said, getting to his feet. He looked down to see Dawn curled up right by where he was standing. "What happened? Tay, are you alright?" he asked.

Isaac shook his head. "He's drunk, buddy."

Zacs eyes grew huge. "No, you didn't Tay. Why the hell did you do that?" he demanded.

Taylor looked at him wearily. "I dunno. Yaall fell asleep and I needed sumthin to drink."

Isaac gave him a stern look. "I'm gonna bust your ass when we get home tomorrow. Hold on, I'm gonna go check on the kids. You two wake the sleeping beauties up. We have to get out of here fast."

Zac and Taylor nodded. They reached over and woke the girls up before putting their jackets on and getting their stuff to go home.

"Taylor! I can't believe you!" Ashley said, shocked. She had just been infromed that Taylor was drunk.

He shrugged. "I saw you and I thought, what fun."

Ashley glared at him then turned around to go upstairs wash her face.

"Uh oh Tay," Zac said, smirking. "Shes pissssed at you!!"

Taylor lunged for Zac and missed. "Ahhh shut up dorkface!"

Isaac came in and threw Taylors bag at him. "Come on! Lets go! Mom understood about us being late. She said she did that before to her parents."

Zac laughed. "OH, HAHA! Sike,"

Isaac and Zac started toward the door, but Taylor stopped and looked around. "Wheres Ashleyyyy?" he asked. His eyes fell on Dawn, and began walking over to her.

"Bye, babes," Taylor said, wrapping his arms around Dawn as she stared at him.

"Ummmm," she said. Taylor silenced her by giving her a good lip lock.

"TAY!" Zac bellowed as Dawn pushed Taylor away, wide eyed. She had just saw Ashley coming down the stairs, her mouth open.

"Wrong girl, asshole!" Zac shouted.

Taylor looked from Dawn to Ashley and back to Dawn again. "Uh oh. But I couldnt tell. Its like Iike I kissed both of them before or something."

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Yeah... Ok Tay. Go home and take some medicine and get a good nights sleep." She reached over and gave Taylor a lip lock of his own. "Bye hon."

Hugs went all around. Zac hugged Dawn a little too hard. "Damn Zac!" she said.

He looked at her sheepishly. "Sorry." Dawn rolled her eyes and ruffled his hair.

"Ok, come on, lets go! GO!" Isaac said, pushing his brothers out the door.

"BYE!" yelled Dawn and Ashley as they went inside to clean up and spend the rest of their night peacefully untill Teresa came home.