Taylor wrapped his arms around Ashley's waist as they walked through the park. "I missed you so much," he whispered into her neck.

Ashley smiled. "I missed you, too, Tay."

Taylor tugged on the loop of her jeans to stop her from walking and turned her around. "Did I finish telling you about my dream?" he asked right before kissing her passionately. They heard a few children laugh and gasp at them.

Ashley pulled away slowly. "No, you didn't. All you said was that we were skinny-dipping in that pond over there," she pointed. "and we decided that I would just figure out what else happened on my own."

"I would prefer it if I told you myself." he said, leaning his forehead on hers. "Every detail."

Ashley laughed and started to walk away again, but he grabbed her jeans once again and pulled her to him.

He smiled slyly at her. "I want to tell you about my dream...."

Dawn sat in her backyard, swinging on the old swing-set that her father had built for her and Ashley when they were younger. She felt awful for what she had said to Zac only hours earlier. He had called her several times since she had run out of his bedroom, but she didn't take any of his calls. She didn't know what to say to him. She still had very strong feelings for Taylor, even though she knew he loved Ashley, not her. It's always Ashley, never Dawn, she thought miserably. I guess I'll just have to change that.

Zac slammed the phone down, for the twentieth time. "Why isn't she answering her phone?!" he yelled out loud.

Isaac looked at his younger sibling curiously. "Problems with Dawn, Zac?" he asked.

Zac nodded. "Yeah. She won't answer the phone. I don't get it." "Did you have a fight?"

"Sorta. She told me we needed to slow down and give other people chances." he mumbled.

Isaac winced. "Oh man. You're first break up. It's rough little man."

"She said she wasn't breaking up with me. Just that we needed to slow down." "Naive little Zachary. There's a hidden message in there. She's found someone else. And she wants to be with him...and not you." Isaac explained to his brother. Zac felt tears sting his eyes. He was so hurt. He had thought Dawn had really liked him. Now he guessed he was wrong.

"Emm. Okay Taylor. That's enough. Come on." Ashley gently pushed him off of her.

"Do I gotta?" he asked playfully. He kissed her once more before sitting up and pulling twigs out of his hair.

After they had finished their walk in the park, they had walked into the woods on a trail only few people knew about. To Taylor's delight, no one was there. They had started talking and he told Ashley about his dream. Then things got...hot.

Ashley straightened her shirt and brushed her hands through her hair. "Come on Tay. We need to head back. I have to go to the mall with my parents in an hour and I need to get ready."

Taylor nodded and stood up, extending his arms out to help her up. Ashley grabbed his hands and let him pull her to her feet. She smiled as they walked back down the trail and back into the park.

Dawn rolled over lazily and picked up the ringing phone. "Hello?"

"Hey," Taylor's voice said happily into the phone. "is Ashley there?"

Dawn yawned, then her eyes shot open. Ashley had gone to the mall with their parents. "This is her. Hey Tay."

"Oh hey baby. I thought you were Dawn for a minute there."

"Dawn laughed nervously. "Well, it happens."

Taylor laughed with her. "Yeah, true. Hey, do you want to do something now?"

She yawned again. "Yeah sure. I'm bored. You've got to rescue me!"

Taylor laughed again. "Okay great. Meet me at our spot."

Dawn tensed. "Why don't I meet you at the end of my street?"

"Ash, you're crazy. That's one reason why I love you so much."

Dawn cringed. "I love you, too, Tay."

"Cool meet me at our spot, at the end of your street, in twenty minutes."

"Okay. See you then."


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