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Chapter 22
"Who Are You?"

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Behind    Closed    Doors

"Hello!!" Teresa McLear greeted the girls as they walked in. "Tim, Sara, and Julie are downstairs playing in the rec room. They've been eager to see you." She gave each of the girls a hug. "Well, as you know, my shift is over at 1:30, so I should be home by 2, Tim goes to bed at 7:30, Julie down at 8, and Sara down by 8:30. They should be no trouble. After all," Teresa said, glancing at the clock, " Its already 6:30. And my husband is out of town so He'll be out of reach. You can call and order a pizza or whatever. Plenty of snacks in the kitchen. The kids are already in their pjs and already fed. I have to get running now, did you get that?"

Dawn and Ashley nodded.

"Okay. Bye Sweeties!" Teresa called into the next room. She blew them a kiss.


Teresa rushed out the door and left.

Ashley and Dawn looked at each other then walked in to play with the kids.

"Ike! Can you drive me to Melton Drive now?" Taylor whined for the 40th time. "C'mon, Its already 8:30!!"

Isaac threw his hands up in the air and laughed. "Okay, okay!! Damn Tay! Mom already said we could go right?" Isaac asked.

Taylor nodded. "Yup. And that Zac can go too. We have to be home by 12:30. Mom was eager to get us out of the house I guess," Taylor said, grabbing his backpack.

"WOOO HOOOO!" Zac shouted as he bundled in with his bag. "Can we go now?? Avie and Jessie want to give me a makeover!"

Taylor grabbed Zac and ran out the door. "Ike! Tell mom we are leaving now! Zac, get in! I'm saving your neck!" he shouted, trying to shove Zac in the car.

Zac stared at him, mystified. "Wow. You must like this girl a lot," he said.

Taylor rolled his eyes and sat in next to Zac. "Yeah, ok, Zac."

Ike came out and got in the car. "Lets go," he said. "I told mom."

"Okay! Then we're off!" Taylor said, laying back to enjoy the drive.

"This has been easy," Dawn said, watching Austin Powers with her sister.

Ashley nodded. "Yup. Hey I'm hungry. Want to go raid the cabinets?"


They paused the movie and went into the kitchen.

"Hey, I wonder why this one has a lock on it," Ashley said, fiddling with it.

Dawn walked over and squatted down next to her sister. "Here, try this." Dawn handed her a bobby pin.

Ashley laughed as she picked the lock open.

They both gasped and their eyes opened with amazement as their eyes met with a few dozen bottles of liquor, wine, and beer.

"Okay, we're here!" Taylor called as the car pulled in the driveway. They got out of the car and Taylor led the waya s he ran the doorbell. He checked his watch. 9:08.

"Uhhh, Helll-llo?" a figure answered the door.

"Who is it, sisa?" another figure stumbled toward the door and peered out.

"Why, Dawn, its Hanson! Hey Tay-lor! Ike, Zac-ahary! C'mon in!" Ashley gueastered them in.

"Uh, Ash? Are you OK?" Taylor asked, looking at her raggy appearence.

"Tay. I smell vodka. And something else. Like whiskey or something. You guys, these girls are WASTED," Ike said, checking the girls over carefully.

"Uh oh," Taylor said, a bad feeling washing into his stomach.