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This story is based on fiction. it was made by me(Jennifer but you can call me Jen or Jenny) and my sister Marie. We were noticing everyone else had one, so what the heck?! Why shouldn't we?! But remember! This story is FICTION! It's not real! We wish it was, but it's not. We were bored one day and said, "Hey! Why don't we write a Hanson story!?" and so we did! The chapters may take some time to do, so you will have to be patient with us. I(Jennifer) am writing not 1 but 2 stories at one time. So it will be hard for me to keep up. Now sit back, get your mouse ready, and get reading!

---Jennifer & Marie

Hey!! I'd (Marie) like to stress the fact that our story is COMPLETELY original andwe did NOT steal any ideas from other peoples Hanson stories that people have wrote on the web and I'm asking that you please do the same. We do not know Hanson personally (even though we'd like to) and they have no part in writing this story, even though they were a major influence for it (duh, who else were we going to write about???) We will update every possible time we can, but we don't have an exact time block that we update. It depends on when we get the next chapter written. Well I hope you enjoy it!

Jen and Marie **PS~ Some of these chapters could have slight adult manner of language in them! You have been forewarned!**