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Twin    Connections

Taylor stood up and smiled as Dawn approached the stop sign where they alway met. "Hey." Dawn gave him a weak smile in return. She had a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, like something terrible was going to happen. "Hi." He gave her a concerned look. "You okay?" She nodded her head slowly. "Yeah, I'm fine." "Are you sure?" The feeling of dread wouldn't leave her, but she forced a smile and took his hand, trying to ignore it. "Yes, I'm sure. Let's go." ********************************************************************** Ashley opened her closet door and pulled out her cheerleading uniform. They had a game against their rivals, the Oklahoma Rams. It was the last game of the season. "Ashley? You better hurry before you're late." Mrs. Smith said through the closed door. "I know mom! I'm working on it!" Ashley swore under her breath as she pulled on her uniform. She finsihed dressing and ran down stairs. "Do you need a ride?" he dad asked. "Yeah. I would get their quicker." she answered, grabbing her pom-poms. "Thanks." ********************************************************************** Dawn and Taylor rolled into McDonalds. "What do you want to eat?" Taylor asked. "Umm...two plain cheeseburgers, and a medium rootbeer." she didn't feel like eating. She thought she might be sick, but she ordered it anyway. "Okay." They walked to the counter where a tired looking teenager with red hair and a mayjor zit problem stood leaning on the counter. "Welcome to McDonald. Can I take your order?" he asked unenthusiastically. They gave him their orders and waited on their food. When it finally came, they took it outside to eat. ********************************************************************** "Ready! Go!" Kelley shouted to her teammates. Ashley did her running routine, doing a cartwheel and roundoff. Then jumped onto the pyrmaid and onto two of her teammates shoulders. She shouted and pumped her arms as the volume of the crowd crew louder. As the routine ended, and it was time for her to jump off, Ashley lost her footing and fell forward. She heard the shouts and screams of her sqaud and the gasps of the crowd. The fall seemed to last forever. When she finally hit the hard ground, her arm bent beneath her at an impossible angle. Pain explosing through her body. Then everything went black. ********************************************************************** Dawn winced as her leg began to cramp and pain shot through her arm, and he head pounded immensely. "Taylor," she said breathlessly. "I...I need to sit down." "Are you okay?" Taylor asked, his face growing with concern. She shook her head, causing the pain to increase. Taylor led her to the side walk and helped her sit down. "What's wrong?" Dawn's breath became ragged. "I...don't...know." Then something familier hit her. *Oh God! Something must have happened to Ashley!* "Taylor! I have to go home!"