After Dawn left, Zac went inside and dialed the Smiths house. "Hello?" asked a very angry Ashley.

"Hey, Ash? Its Zac," Zac began but was interrupted.

"Zac? Hold on....Ok, Hi. Where's Dawn? Do you know Taylor and I need to have a LITTLE chitchat with her."

"HUH?" This caught Zac off guard. "Tay's there?"

"Yup. He decided to stop by and then I explained why I was mad at him. It turns out he never knew that was Dawn earlier, so we're both wondering where she could possibly be..we need to talk to my dear sister VERY soon," Ashley said sweetly.

"Oh boy. Dawn's headed over there now. She explained everything to me...oh boy. I gotta go. Bye."
"Ok....but why did you call?" Ashley asked.

Zac shook his head. "Never mind." With that he hung up, grabbed his bike and started pedaling as fast as he could to catch up to Dawn.

Zac was pedaling along the main drag when he noticed Dawn's bike propped up against the fence at the 7-11. He sighed in relief as he saw her come out of the store with a soda in her hand. "Hey DAWN!"

Dawn turned around. "Hey," she said, as Zac pulled up to a breathless stop next to her. "What are you doing here? Oh yeah, want a sip?" she asked, offering him her Coke.

"I...I called your sister....and ....And Tay was there," Zac got out, panting. He grabbed the soda form Dawn and took a long gulp.

Dawn's eyes widened. "What? Taylor's over? But I thought...Oh no! Damn. They both must be pissed at me!" she sighed. "What a day this has been. I can't stand people being mad at me anymore." Zac passed the soda back to her, which was now half full. "Oh yeah, thanks for telling me, Zac. But why did you come with me?"

Zac paused as he pulled his hair back into a messy ponytail. "Well, I knew they would both be yelling at I figured you could need some guidance." He smiled at her.

Dawn smiled back. How could I ever dump a great guy like him?....Well, ENOUGH Dawn. That's over. "Thanks Zac..." she said, then noticed a piece of his hair was standing straight out.

"What?" Zac asked, concerned. "What's so funny?"

Dawn stifled a giggle as she reached over and smoothed the piece down with her hand. "That."

"Oh. Thank you. I would have went around looking like I had shredded wheat for hair."

Dawn laughed. "Anytime...We should get going before Ash and Taylor are so mad that they blow the roof off."

Zac nodded. "Okay, but wait..." He smiled at her then leaned over and kissed her cheek.

Dawn looked surprised. "What was that for?"

Zac looked in her eyes. "No reason, no reason at all."

"Okay, that was Zac. He said Dawn's on her way over here," Ashley said, hanging up the phone and facing Taylor.

"Huh? She's talking to Zac again?" Taylor asked, his once angry face now a look of surprise.

"Yeah. That's what I was thinking. He said she explained everything to her. And it sounded like he was defending her."

"Weird. Okay, well, we'll just wait for Dawn to get here." Taylor said, shrugging. He went over to Ashley and wrapped his arms around her. "At least you're not mad at me anymore," Taylor whispered, pressing his forehead to hers. "You know I could never lie to you." He lifted her chin and gently kissed her. Then they heard the doorbell. "I'll get it, Babes." He walked over and pulled open the door. "Soo....someone forget their key? And forget to tell someone else about some little secret? Hey Ash, the little bitch is here!" He said to Dawn, with Zac behind her, who was standing on the steps.

"Actually, yes, I did forget my key, cause I was rushing over to talk to you and Zac but YOU weren't there," Dawn said, glaring at Taylor. "And a bitch? You're standing in my house calling me a BITCH?" She pushed him in the door and went in, with Zac following her.

"What do you think your doing?" Taylor asked, grabbing Zac's arm. "Don't you know what she did?"

Zac shrugged his hand off, glaring at him. "A hell of a lot more then you know. I sat down and actually listened to her, which was something her sister wouldn't even do."

Taylor looked surprised by Zac's reaction. "That's because she saw her sister-"
"Shut up. Just shut up. And let her talk for once," Zac said, rolling his eyes and following Dawn in the living room, sitting next to Dawn on the couch across from Ashley, and later Taylor.

"Well?" Ashley asked. She shook her head. "I can't believe you did that."

Dawn sat back. "Well, first of all you have no clue what I did, because someone wouldn't listen to me when I tried talking to her, she just went to her room and started blubbering like a damn baby."

Zac put his hand on her shoulder. "Yo. Calm down. Take a deep breath and tell them what you told me."

Dawn nodded. "Well, will you listen this time? And please don't say anything till I'm done," she said, looking from Taylor to Ashley.

Ashley nodded.

"Yeah, okay, go ahead," Taylor said, sitting forward.

"Oh my," Ashley said, staring at Dawn. Dawn barely got out what she wanted to tell them, she was crying so hard. "Oh my.." Ashley whispered, getting up and running to her room.

"Ashley? Come back!" Taylor shouted after her. Then he focused his attention on Dawn. "You did that not only to her, but to me. I just..." He shook his head, then went up the stairs to find out about Ashley.

"I've scarred her for life," Dawn whispered, her head in her hands. She sobbed. "Oh no, what should I do now?"

"Shhh..." Zac pulled her back into his arms, and she began crying on his shoulder. "At least you told her...Give her time. Soon or later she'll realize she needs you........Shhh......calm down..She'll be back to normal in no time."

"Tankes Bac," Dawn whispered in his shoulder. She pulled away. "Thanks so much for being there for me. I owe you."

Zac shook his head. "No. Don't worry."

Dawn sat back and grabbed a tissue. "I'm going to go talk to Ash. You can watch TV or whatever you want. There's plenty of food in the kitchen."

Zac nodded. "No prob."

Dawn trudged up the stairs and was surprised to find Taylor sitting next to the door. "Taylor? Wha-"

Taylor glanced up at her. "She won't let me in. I doubt she'll let you. Give her time to calm down." He stretched his legs down in front of him. "What you did was-"

"TAYLOR! I don't give a fuck what you think! Its over, and I don't intend on doing anything like that again. Stop making me look like a bad guy. You're not helping at all."

Taylor stared. "I'm sorry. I'm just worried about her," he whispered.

Dawn sighed. "Its okay. Just go downstairs and I'll talk to her."

"Okay, we'll wait downstairs." Taylor called, bounding down the stairs.

Dawn went up to the door. "Ash? Can I come in?"

There was a pause. "Yeah..."

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