Weird    Codes

"Ash, Dawn, you girls ready?" Mrs. Smith asked, peeking her head in the living room where the girls were sitting with their packed stuff. It was 9:00 am the next morning.

Dawn jerked her head up. "Huh? Oh, yeah mom. Sorry. I didn't get much sleep last night." She rubbed her eyes, then stood up,a djusting her backpack.

Ashley stood up and gave her sister a weak smile. "Yeah, sis, me too. I couldn't sleep at all. At least we'll be back in 3 days," she said, walking up to her and giving her a reasurring pat on her shoulder.

Mrs. Smith smiled. "Well, girls, your father's waiting in the car. We should get going or we'll miss or flight," she said gently, ushering the girls out the door.

Ashley laughed. "Hey, Dawn? What CDs did you bring for the flight?" she asked as they climbed into the car. "I bought Bone, Usher, Metallica, Boyz ][][ Men, Dru Hill, Will Smith, and of course, Hanson." She smiled.

Dawn laughed and put on her seatbelt. "Well," she thought hard. "Sublime, Matchbox20, Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, Puffy, MY Usher, Aerosmith...and umm..."

"Hanson? Couldn't live without Zac?" Ashley laughed.

Dawn rolled her eyes and put on her headphones. "Yeah, Ash. Whatever you want to believe." 'With You In Your Dreams' began to play in her ears, and she sat back and closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep to the soothing melody.

"Crap! Zac, your beat is way off! And Tay, playing the keys a little fast there? Dang! Can't you two play right??" Isaac exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air. "I am trying to play at least halfway decent for the benefit concert tonight! We've been practicing since noon and all we're doing is yelling at each other!"

Taylor rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch and crossed his arms. "Who made you boss? What's a matter with YOU, Ike? Too close to that time of month?" He yelled.

Zac threw his sticks down and stood up, glaring at his brothers. "We have to calm down, you buttmuches, or we're gonna look stupid in front of all those people tonight! Pull yourselves together! Especially when that song is gonna be our next single!"

Taylor and Isaac looked back at him wide-eyed. "Wow. Zac you NEVER spoke up like that before," Taylor said. "Usually you encourage us on to fight."

Zac threw his hands up and sat back down. "Whatever. Just be lucky you guys didn't break anything." He picked up his sticks. "We need to practice."

Isaac and Taylor exchanged looks but picked up their equipment. "Ok, what song should we do?" Isaac asked.

Taylor shrugged. "How about the one we've been trying to get right? Usually we have no problems with it."

Zac nodded. "Yeah. 'Weird' it is then." They began to play, this time playing in sync, their melody fitting together perfectly. When they were finished Zac gave his brothers a smug smile. "See? I told you we could get it to work." He then got up and walked over to the stairs and began stomping up them.

"Yo, where are you going?" Isaac asked, staring after him. Zac stopped and turned around. He shrugged "I'm done here. I have to do something," he replied, and continued up the stairs.

"What's a matter with him?" Isaac asked. He sat down on the other end of the couch.

Taylor shrugged. "I don't know. He's been like this since I guess yesterday. He's been acting weird lately."

Isaac looked thoughtful. "Did Dawn do something to him? Or say something to him? Hmmm....did he take moms Midol by mistake?"

Taylor laughed, then grew serious. "It couldn't have been Dawn. They were at it in the treehouse last night like there was no tomorrow." He sat in silence. "Or maybe He's just moody. His voice IS starting to change after all, and we know how that feels!"

Isaac nodded. "Yeah. I'll go easy on him for a few days. Haha He's in the torture chamber now."

Taylor grinned and stood up. "Well, I'm gonna go get something to drink. Lets go." They began to advance up the stairs as Zac tried to go down. "Hey!" Zac exclaimed.

"Where are you going?" Taylor asked. Zac shrugged. "Over Jimmy's. I had to make a phone call." And with that he pushed past his brothers and went out the door.

Dawn felt her pager go off in her pocket. She looked at it curiously. "That's weird. I told everyone not to page me when I was away," she said, peering down and looking at the number which was obviously in code.

Ashley glanced over. "Well, we are in Canada now...You never know how far those things can reach," she pointed out, taking a sip of her soda.

Dawn nodded, but still looked confused. She glanced down at her pager again. "Hmmm. Weird....oh wait! Its from Zac.....damn I told him not to page me either!"

Ashley laughed. "What does it say?" She brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.

Dawn tried to decipher the code. "I think...'I miss you, give me a call when you can...Zac'?" She looked up and noticed Ashley staring at her. "Hey, me and Zac have our own codes ya know! Just like yours and Taylor's funky ones." Dawn said defensibly.

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Yeah. But little things...not like THAT."

Dawn grinned. "Well not everything we do is the same, sis!"

Mr. Smith pulled their rent a car into the Hotel parking lot. "Girls, we're here. C'mon. Three days of fun and sun in Canada! Hockeytown!"

Dawn and Ashley rolled their eyes. "Please!" they whispered in unison, rolling their eyes before going into a fit of giggles.

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