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Thinking Of (Both Of) You
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Thinking Of (Both of) You
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Chapter 20

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*Man, I hope she turns out ok* Dawn thought worridely as a nurse ushered her out the door of the hospital. Frowning, she snatched her bag away from the startled nurse and ran to catch the bus for basketball practice. *My God! It IS my sister after all!* she thought grumpily as she took the bus to the gym. ********************************************************************************** "Baby?" Ashleys eyes fluddered open. "Mom? Is that you?" Cara leaned over to give her daughter a hug. "The doctor said you can go home soon, hon, as long as you are able to move again. You fell pretty hard." "Thank God," Ashley said, grimacing as she sat up. "Do you feel any better?" Ashley rubbed her head. "My head hurts. And my ankle. And my wrist, well, not really." She faked a smile. "But otherwise I'm ok...Wheres Dawn?" Her mom gave her a sympathetic look. "Dawn has to leave for basketball. She seemed pretty mad when the nurse kicked her out because she threw a fit." Ashley laughed. "Haha. Thats her I guess....... Can I go back to sleep now? I'm really tired, Mom." Cara leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Sure, honey, I'll go get the doctor and update him on your progress," she said softly. She didnt get an answer. Ashley had already turned away and snuggled undernath the covers. ********************************************************************************** *GRR* Dawn thought as another shot bounced off the rim. She has missing a lot of her shots, unusual for her. "Hey, STALEY!" a voice called. Dawn glanced up to see her friend Nichole walking towards her. "Whats up? You don't seem to be doing that well." Dawn sighed and tried for a 3 pointer and missed. *Damn* "As you know, my sister's in the hospital still. That took a lot of engry from me." She frowned. Nichole patted her on the back sympatecially. "Its ok, Dawn. She's pretty tough. She'll be on her feet again before you know it." Dawn stared as anotehr attempted shot bounced off the backboard and reluctenly went in. Dawn gave her a smile. "Oh well. I mean, she will get better, and I'm doing nothing standing here and moping." Nichole nodded. "Yeah, girl. Are you going to play in the game tonight?" she asked. "Yeah, I guess I'll be ok..." *As long as Taylors here......oh shit!! Taylors in New York again! Till next Monday! Grr!* She shook herself from her thoughts. "Yeah, I'll be ok," she said, pasting a smile on her face. ********************************************************************************** Taylor hurriedly ran through the hall before the wild group of fans outside could see him. *God! I don't know how I can take this! Oh well. Its good for the group.* he thought as he walked down the Plaza Hotel back to his room. He sighed and flopped on his bed, his thoughts wandering. He remembered Ashley being in the hospital. *Man, I feel so bad, I can't be there for her.* He rolled onto his stomach and sighed again. *I have a photo shoot in 2 hours... then dinner, then tommorow the intreview, and the repeated crap all this week. I'm glad at least I like all the publicty but no time for anything else. I guess I'll have to wait till next week to talk to her again...* he thought as he drifted off into a deep sleep.