A    Note    To    AOL    Users

We realize that you get a lot of mail, but you asked to be on this mailing list and you did not E-,ail us otherwise. So, we check the status on our mail center and find out if any one has deleted the update mail. Several people have. If you want off the mailing list, you HAVE to e-mail us and tell us. If you delete it, we're taking you off the list. We work hard on that and having people delete it..well...to be blunt, pisses us off. We don't want to sound rude or anything, but geez. And if you change your e-mail address, let us know so we can either change the SN ot take it off. It takes too long to have to wait for the "So and so is no longer an AOL user" or whatever. So let us know please. And DON'T DELETE IT!